Short on time but don't want to compromise on home cooked meals? Let Dos Manos do all of the work. Price includes recipe creation, menu planning and shopping for groceries. Dos Manos does all of the prep, cooks the food in your kitchen and leaves your fridge stocked with delicious, home cooked meals.

Parsley Leaf

 5 dinners (4 portions each)



4 dinners  (4 portions each)


Iceberg Lettuce

 3 dinners (4 portions each)



  • Price does not include cost of groceries.  Groceries are estimated around $125-$175 for the 4 or 5 meal plans. For fully organic ingredients prices will be approximately 50% more. 

  • Meals are packaged family style by default but please let us know if you prefer them to be individually packaged. Containers will be purchased for the first session, or you can provide your own. We will need to ensure you have sufficient containers before the first session. Containers should be cleaned in a dishwasher and available for the next cooking session. 

  • With some exceptions, meals meant to be consumed over 2 days out will be frozen. Meals meant to be consumed within 2 days will be refrigerated.