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Dos Manos teaches you this delicious staple from El Salvador! Learn to cook delicious pupusas with our live, chef-led virtual cooking class—right in your kitchen.

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Edwin grew up making pupusas, a thick griddle cake made of cornmeal. In this interactive virtual class you will learn how to make a pupusa along with the traditional toppings of repollo and salsa roja.

How does it work?

We'll do each step together and at the end of the class you will have a delicious meal! 

How long is the class?

Each class is approximately 90 minutes. 

How do I attend the class?

The class is held virtually over Zoom. A link will be sent to you before the class. You will need to have a computer with WIFI and a camera that you can view from your kitchen (we'll be cooking together after all!)

How many classes do I need to purchase if I'm taking the class with someone else? 

One class purchase = one participant zoom screen.  If you are attending with another person from your kitchen you need to purchase only one class. If you and a friend will be viewing the class from different locations you will each need to purchase a class. 

Are pupusas spicy? 

Only if you want them to be! Jalapeño peppers are an optional ingredient.

Are pupusas gluten free and/or vegetarian?

Yes! The pupusa recipe we will follow is gluten free and vegetarian. 

What do I need to have on hand?  

You will need a chef's knife, skillet, sauce pan, cooking spatula, mixing bowl, measuring spoons and cup, cutting board, vegetable peeler, and the willingness to get a little bit messy and have a lot of fun! 

What ingredients do I need? 

We will provide a short shopping list. Ingredients will cost approximately $15 and you will have enough for several meals! 

Cost: $30 per person 

It felt amazing to get my hands dirty and make something from scratch! My partner told me that my pupusas and pickled cabbage were ‘restaurant quality’ ...that was a first for my cooking! Thank you!

Such fun!  I loved every moment of this engaging and approachable class. Edwin is a great teacher and so generous with his knowledge — he gave us pointers for riffing on his recipe which I can’t wait to try out. Come to class hungry ‘cuz you’ll want to polish off your creations as fast as you can make them. Our plate of pupusas didn’t last an hour!

Hilary I. - Salem, MA

Ana Maria B. - Belmont, MA

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