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Originally from El Salvador, Edwin grew up learning the art of cooking all things maiz- from elote to pupusas, tortilas, tamales and atol. The Orellana family cultivated milpa (the corn plant) on their land in the mountains near San Vicente, El Salvador. Corn is such a central part of the diet in El Salvador that it is even honored yearly with an annual corn festival, the Fiesta de Maíz. 

Edwin’s culinary career began when he moved to the Boston area in 2005. He quickly worked his way up through Boston kitchens including a stint at Harvard Square’s Temple Bar where he met his wife of ten years. Edwin joined the Alpine Restaurant group as a cook at Posto, eventually taking the position of Sous Chef on the opening team of The Painted Burro and then moving on to open Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar. In 2015 Edwin joined the team to open Yvonne’s Boston, the acclaimed speak easy style restaurant. Edwin held the position of Sous Chef until 2020 when he made the leap to launch Dos Manos Kitchen. During Edwin’s 15 year career he perfected a myriad of cooking techniques and cuisines from Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas, handmade pastas, Peruvian-Japanese-Chinese fusion, authentic Mexican food, and traditional American Bistro classics.

With Dos Manos Kitchen Edwin combines the techniques and flavor from his youth in El Salvador with the skills he refined at some of Boston’s best restaurants to provide personal chef services and virtual cooking classes. 

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